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Our Core Products and Services

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Startup Business Cockpit

With the Startup Business Cockpit, you can turn goals into reality. It makes it easier for you and your team to clearly understand your goals and pursue them with focus. Everyone can see how their work is contributing to success. By gaining insight into progress data, you focus on the essentials, master challenges and drive visions forward. Every day is goal-oriented, which enables you to make informed decisions. A must for anyone who wants to achieve their goals and live their dreams. Startup Business Cockpit - Tool and Inspiration for Founders and Company Leaders Curiosity piqued?


First steps towards your own start-up

Having a good idea is not difficult. Successfully turning an idea into a marketable product requires skills and knowledge from many different subject areas. Together we create the basis for a successful product launch and generate a targeted growth path.

start with a good idea and an empty desk ... more details

Mastering Hypergrowth

Preventing the dream of rapid growth turning into a nightmare, many changes to the usual working methods and processes are necessary. Iterative learning and piecemeal adjustments are no longer sufficient in such periods of massive growth. The necessary, abrupt change of familiar structures must be supported and accompanied on a technological, procedural and above all human level.

strategy from chaos to organized growth ... more details

Cloud Cost Rescuer

In the on-demand world of cloud service providers, you are billed for what is used. Perfect on the one hand to increase costs in relation to business success, on the other hand it harbors a great danger. Without appropriate monitoring and governance guidelines, enormous costs can be incurred in a very short time.

get in control of your cloud costs ... more details & emergency help

Mentoring as a career support tool

Professional expertise forms the basis for the successful and targeted development of one's own career in the IT sector. The ability to consciously perceive one's own thoughts, feelings and behaviors and to understand how they affect others makes it possible to use them in the best possible way. Developing these competencies on one's own is difficult, protracted and often accompanied by a multitude of interpersonal conflicts.

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